Upcoming Photo Trip: Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

In February, I will be in Istanbul for about a week and a half. The photographic intent of this trip is to document some of the city’s cultural highlights at a time when the tourist population is probably at its lowest. I tend to do these trips during the winter since that time frame is usually furthest from when I have expeditions and big hikes planned, so taking a few days off from training is not a big deal.

So, things of interest, then. Obviously, Istanbul has some big cultural icons. The Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the Hagia Sophia. Taksim Square has been incredibly significant in recent times, and will be worth visiting. I plan to visit social hotspots for people photography. I would love to visit Belgrad forest just outside of Istanbul, if only for a change of scenery and a chance to photograph the sort of thing I typically do.

But what else? I am open to suggestions. Please leave them in the comments.

As far as gear goes, I plan to to travel fast and light. I’ll have the ungripped D800 with me, and probably a Nikkor 20/2.8, the Nikkor 35/2, and the Nikkor 70-200/2.8. The last lens is not especially light, but it’s hard to beat for a fast telephoto, especially for candid portrait work at a distance.

Anyway, that is the tentative plan. If you are going to be in Istanbul the third week of February and would like to meet for a photo walk, let me know. That would be really sweet.

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