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Cortèz Outerwear Kickstarter, and a test in the Faroe Islands

I have not yet broadly discussed my upcoming trip to the Faroe Islands because I am waiting on a few things, but I wanted to write something right now because I believe that the Kickstarter campaign that Cortèz Outerwear is currently having is worth checking out. For those who have not heard of Cortèz Outerwear, they had an amazing Kickstarter last year and manufacture some incredible outdoor shells that rival or exceed the specifications of much more expensive brands. Also, huge bonus points for their commitment to Justdiggit, a project to “re-green” the land, with their first project happening in Tanzania.

I am stoked to say that I will be bringing some Cortèz product to the Faroe Islands with me, to put it through the crazy wringer that is the weather there. Insane winds, sideways rain, and probably snow as well. Maybe even at the same time. Expect a review of everything when I return towards the end of March.

It is early days yet, and I have not yet laid hands on anything, but based on what I have read online, and from reviews written by happy backers of the first Kickstarter, the products look fantastic. If you’re looking for an alternative to the large corporations out there, do yourself a solid and check out the links above, or click on the graphic below.

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