Naturally black and white

O'Dell Park in Winter

One of my favorite things about winter photography is that you often get stark, monochromatic images almost by default. This photo was taken in O’Dell Park in Fredericton, New Brunswick, at dusk. It had snowed for nearly 24 hours straight at this point, and the sky was still overcast. The resulting scene had very little…


Orion above Fredericton

The constellation of Orion above Fredericton

It can be difficult to do night sky photography when you live in a city. Light pollution gets in the way. I still try to find time to do it when I can though, mostly shooting constellations and trying to integrate them with the city itself. Thankfully, I am lucky that I do actually enjoy…


This time of year

Morning light, fog and fallen leaves on a glassy river

Some times, it can be hard to get out with the camera. You know that you should be out shooting, pushing yourself, experimenting. Photography isn’t a spectator sport. (Except that it is). I will be the first to admit that my eyes get tired. When you live in a place for 12 years, maybe you’ve…


Unexpected Opportunities

The Redwood National Park Basin at Sunset

Recently, I had the wonderful experience of being able to spend some time on the Pacific west coast, hiking in Redwood National Park. To be able to walk in a forest containing majestic redwoods thousands of years old is something I will never forget. I took many photos in those trees, but one of the…