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The Buerbreen glacier

Some times, you’re out in a particular spot, and you’re going to take some photos, but the rest of the world isn’t cooperating with you. Everyone, including me, likes dramatic photos, and usually this means stormy skies, bleak days, and moody atmosphere. Occasionally, you might take a shot and be really underwhelmed with what you…


Buerbreen Glacier Climb

The Buerbreen glacier

One of the main goals for Norway was to get out onto a glacier and ice climb. The western part of Norway has this amazing national park called Folgefonna, with a large glacier in it that has several arms reaching down towards towns that make getting out on the glacier possible. Near Odda, there is…


Returned from Norway

So, I’m back, and still recovering both mentally and physically from what turned into a pretty amazing trip. I hit my big goals. Despite being pretty nervous about hiking with a bad knee, that turned into a bit of a non issue in the end. I’ve started sorting through photos and making backups, but so…


Norway Flight Day

Heading to Norway today. My flight through Toronto and then onto Copenhagen and ultimately Bergen leaves in a few hours. I’m packed, and have been packed for what feels like weeks now. I have done what I can, prepared how I can, and now it is out of my hands. If things go according to…

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Something coming up

I have been using this blog as an outlet to talk about some of my photos, but for the next month or so I am going to use it for an upcoming trip to Norway I have planned. My goal is to hike in Folgefonna national park, climb Trolltunga, and see all sorts of awesome…