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Cortazu Outerwear Technical Shell Review

The Cortez Outerwear technical shell in the Faroe Islands

There are lots of really good outdoor gear companies out there. Until now, however, the trouble has always been justifying the very high prices of most brands, even though they offered features that were very desirable. Enter Cortazu Outerwear, from the Netherlands. Cortazu offers products directly from the manufacturer, which reduces the prices substantially while maintaining…

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Cortèz Outerwear Kickstarter, and a test in the Faroe Islands

I have not yet broadly discussed my upcoming trip to the Faroe Islands because I am waiting on a few things, but I wanted to write something right now because I believe that the Kickstarter campaign that Cortèz Outerwear is currently having is worth checking out. For those who have not heard of Cortèz Outerwear,…

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Arc’teryx Cerium SL Jacket

Arc'teryx Cerium SL Down Jacket

One of the most important issues when dealing with backcountry camping or multi-day hiking is the issue of changing weather. Even the best days of summer can turn downright nasty in a hurry, especially if you are in the mountains or visiting a northerly country. Having proper emergency clothing can save your life. The Arc’teryx…