This is a short film I put together that documents a trip I took to Norway in August 2014.  While I did a lot of cool stuff in Norway during that time, one of my best memories was a long hike out onto the Buer Glacier in Folgefonna National Park, near Odda.  

The point of that hike was to ice climb on the glacier, but ultimately the entire experience cemented in my mind just how much I've come to love Norway, and more broadly, Nordic countries in general.

I have to thank both Altitude Sports and The Radical Edge for their generous support on this trip.  Also, to both Nasheim and Woods of Desolation for letting me use two of their amazing tracks for the soundtrack.

I hope you like it.  I'd love comments or feedback.  "Like" my Facebook page to get regular status updates on all of this.  For more photos from Norway in general, feel free to view the collection.

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